What are the tips on how to drive leads?

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Are you having trouble getting quality leads? Then, you're probably doing it wrong. However, there are means to do it correctly using your site or blog. Below are tips on how to drive leads.

5 Ways to Drive Great Leads

1. Write unique and relevant articles. Make sure you do not simply copy off from other people's works. Make sure your topic is related to what your business is offering.

Studies have shown that searchers, on average, only scan through the first ten results on the first search engine results page (SERP). Search engine algorithms work in a way that if you do not create unique and relevant articles, your business will end up listed far away from the first results page. That is not going to help you drive high quality leads since searchers cannot find you. As they say, in the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), “Content is king.”

2. Use Google AdWords. This can help you with great campaigns. You can create banner-type display ads and text ads. These easily catch attention when searchers visit pages. Maximize the use of the AdWords’ Keyword Planner Tool to include keywords in your ad contents. The tool will help identify words your site is ranking for and suggest some that you may try to rank for.

You must learn how powerful Google AdWords works and apply the best practices in using the product to be able to boost your business standing. It is not an easy task and the service is not free. Work hard on your campaigns and regularly check performance based on results.

3. Use reputable analytical tools. Google Analytics is currently the most popular analytical tool, but there are others you can try. It depends on which search engines you trust. Bing has its own tools, for example, so use it, if Bing is your preference.

Analytics are important since they are oftentimes integrated with search engines: Google Analytics is with AdWords, Bing's SEO Analyzer is with Bing Ads. Analytics give a bigger picture of how your site is doing, why it is or is not performing well, and what measures must be taken, if ever. Just like with AdWords, you must find out how best to use analytical tools.

4. Do both on-page and off-page optimization. If content is king, then optimization could be its queen.

On-page SEO is done directly on the site. You can optimize titles, descriptions and links. It usually involves keyword search, allowing keywords inclusion in creating descriptions, for instance. Meanwhile, off-page SEO is done outside the webpage. These are ways to promote your site through social media marketing, link building, and other means and practices..

Hiring skilled SEO specialists is highly advised.

5. Learn new online marketing strategies. Marketing is how you introduce your business and the products or services you offer. It plays a big part in how to drive leads. The best strategies can boost business performance. Learn strategies like inbound marketing, inbound sales marketing, even email marketing.

Do not handle all the marketing, though. Make sure you have the best people to delegate tasks to. The Marketing and the Sales teams should have separate tasks while still working together—Marketing will find possible leads (based on targeted “buyer personas”), Sales will work until the leads avail of your products or services. They should be updated with and have the proper training on the new marketing strategies.

People’s attention span is short, so you must keep their attention. The key is in keeping customers interested in what you can give them. If you do things correctly, they may visit your site, become leads and possibly convert into customers. Eventually, they may become what Inbound Marketing calls “evangelists”, the ones who will promote your business by word of mouth and increase your social media reach.

Consider the list above, implement, and watch your business grow.

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